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Finding a transsexual person to date nowadays can be a bit tricky. Although there is a percentage of this gender out there, only a few people are willing to come out of the closet since the stigma is still there in better parts of the world. Not everyone that has fully embraced the ladyboy dating. But although you cannot meet your ladyboy on the streets, you can easily connect with others thanks to the dating sites. The dating sites have made it easy for various people to find love with just a click of the button.

There are numerous dating sites for the ladyboys, but you should be cautious when selecting the website to sign up in. This is because some people opt for these dating sites just for fun where they log out after a few times, but on the other hand, various sites have massive individuals signed up. So, select such sites as you have a better chance of connecting with other ladyboys.

On this article, we will discuss on the best ladyboy dating sites referred to as

The features of the site.

The registration process.

Becoming a member of the site is a walk in the park since the process is straightforward. The steps are like on other websites. The best part is that this site is meant to offer total protection and privacy to the customers. Therefore, you don’t necessarily need to reveal the personal details that you don’t want other people knowing about you. But the features that you are required to fill in your registration box include;

  • Your name(s)
  • The city you live in.
  • Your country.
  • Gender.
  • Your birthday.
  • And finally, you should have a working email.

The email address plays a significant role in enabling the site to verify your account so you can start using it. So, make sure the email that you provide is active, and you remember its password.

Not that you can start using the site immediately the account is verified even without having to pay a dime. But, if you want to access and use more features on the site, make sure to upgrade your account to a premium account.

The free features.

This is an excellent start for beginners or even for people who don’t want to pay to explorer the lady kisses dating site. The free membership becomes active immediately the account is verified and thus, you can start using it as well. This membership only has the essential features that a dating site has but again, if you want to access more, you should upgrade to the premium membership.

What is found on the free membership?

  • Create and edit the profile.
  • They have the chance of getting contacted by women and other members on the premium registered on the site.
  • View the available profiles on the free option and add to your favorite.

Adding other users to your profile increases chances of getting noticed since you will also appear on their end. So, if someone likes you, they will contact you.

The premium membership.

The lady kisses premium members get to experience various features based on their membership level. For example, if you are a premium member, you have the right to access all the features and themes available on the site with no restrictions. If you pay for a month, you can directly contact up to 300 members, and the communication goes on for another month. Some of the communication channels available on the site include via emails and chats.

The premium members have access to other premium members email addresses, for timely communications. Also, additional information on the site that the free members cannot access are accessible by the premium people.

Note that if the membership expires, you will only have a chance of communicating with the members whom you interacted with before.

The prices.

  • The premium rates are as follows;
  • One month- 47 dollars.
  • Three months- 107 dollars which are 36 dollars a month.
  • Six months 133 dollars which are 23 dollars a month.
  • Twelve months- 200 dollars which are 17 dollars per month.

The account can be opened by members from different parts of the world including Europe.

Members by countries.

  • The site is accessible by people from all over the world.
  • Can be accessed by the adult only.


Whether you are looking for long term love, friendship or short term relationship, is the perfect dating site to sign up with. There is a free membership where you can test the website before you pay for the upgraded one. Also, there are so many members in the group which creates a chance to connect with other ladyboys. So try it out and get to meet other lady kissers.