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7 Best New Sex Craigslist Personals Alternative Replacements In 2018

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Craigslist has been one of the most sort-out the website for various services. With the ability to connect with service providers, employees, employers, and many other categories, the Americans who relied on this site for these connections may be missing it big time. Well, if you are wondering what happened to Craigslist especially on the personal section, the website was terminated early March 2018. This is after the new law regarding Sex trafficking was passed. The bill states that every website will be held accountable for any immoral content that the third parties post.

The United States senates passed this bill. Well, this bill was not aimed at diminishing the sites such as the Craigslist but rather, to protect the innocent people who fall into the hands of harmful people through such platforms. Therefore, the Craigslist removed the personal section to preserve the other ad parts on the website.

Has anything replaces the Craigslist’s personal Quora?

First of all, the personal section on this platform was widely used for dating and hookups. As we all know a part of people in the world rely on dating sites to find, their soul mates and Craigslist ensured they also catered for such people considering the website was an all-around service provider. The personal section allowed the locals to post platonic contents, dating romance, casual encounters, and many others.

One of the reasons that caused Craigslist to be preferred for dating purposes is the fact that it allows enormous privacy to the customers. You didn’t have to expose your details if you don’t want to, and this was one of the many reasons that triggered high insecurities due to the high anonymity from the signees.

Craigslist personal section helped various people in their dating life. Although the site was highly preferred by people who want casual dating, it made it easy for people to connect too.

People who relied on Craigslist for dating purposes.

  • LGBT community

Although the closure of the platform was necessary for the safety of the community, there is still a section of people hugely affected by this decision. Mainly, it is the LGTB community who ended up losing the only platform that helped them connect with their partners. Although LGBT has been accepted and the majority of The personal section one are coming out and even starting relationships, there are still some who are not ready to identify themselves with this community. This is due to the stigma that they face in society again.

  • Sex TS partners

The other section of people who relied hugely on the CL platform is the sex ts personals. The ts personals could comfortably list their services on the personal part without worrying about people noticing them, and it was easy for them to find clients since the platform offered anonymity. Thus, the people who like casual sex found it easy to find a one night stand without being exposed.

So, are there other websites to rely on now we don’t have Craigslist?

Even if CL does not exist anymore, there are other platforms that you can use to connect with your flings. Well, Craigslist played a significant role in the dating scene, but after its closure, there have been hundreds of other websites designed to replace it. According to research done by Google, it reported that per 27,100 searches are regarding the craigslist personal replacement.

The craigslist personals replacement Google.

Aside from the research done by Google, people still rely on other platforms to know about the platforms which replaced Personal sections in the CL. A study reports that about 1.5 million questions regarding the Craigslist replacements are done on Quora. Some questions such as where are people going to replace the Craigslist personals has over 10, 000 views daily. Other people result in social media to find answers to this question. A portion of people has been using social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and other favorite channels to search for the same.

The good news is that there are indeed Craigslist personal replacements. Some websites and apps are set to help people find one another. From women and men who are looking for casual hookups, real relationships, or even for the LGTB community, these sites and apps have played a significant role in connecting these people since the closure of Craigslist personal.

In this article, we are going to discuss the top seven replacements that people are using since Cl was closed.

Some of these sites like Casual-casual-sex-encounters provide a connecting platform for people who are into casual sex, and if you are into kinky sex, you can easily find your mate at KinkD

The KinkD-BDSM-Fetish-Dating

According to a research conducted regarding the Kinky hookup search, Google reported that the average search for casuals has tripled and that for KinkD has doubled since March 2018.

Top 7 Craigslist personal replacement.

Note that all the websites and apps we are about to discuss below have the same features as Craigslist.

This website was founded in March 2018, and it reports to have about 550 k monthly visit from the viewers. The website was opened immediately Craigslist shut down their section, and since then, it has been reporting positive feedback from the people who use it. This site is listed as the best for the gay community and for those who need a one night stand. But you can also find a life partner on this site although not many people sign up for serious relationships. What makes this website stand out and be our number one preference after the closure of Craigslist is that it has similar features. With CL The personal section, it is free to sign up, and the members get the opportunity to explore and get access to personal ads, and you can also list your ads.

You can easily access the website even on the move as it is accessible with different gadgets including a mobile phone. It has excellent speed access as it is reported to having about a speed rate that ranges from 0.6 to 1-second interface. The website is said to having a total of 11 million visits monthly.

This website has been on the market for a long time since it was launched in 2001. It is a general classified platform where it features a variety of listings such as job, real estate, and now they have also ventured to date options. The website is designed with a personal section where people post personal ads looking for their preferred partners. You can either post on women looking for men section or vice versa. This platform appears on our list due to its reliability for those looking for partners. It has a wide variety of options which include; casual dating, men seeking men, women seeking women, men seeking women and even women seeking men.

In other words, this website is designed for both straight and gay people. It is easy to use the site since you can quickly post your ads and it is compatible with mobile devices. From the ratings listed on, this website has had excellent feedback from the viewers with the majority giving it a five-star rating. This is due to the freedom it offers to the audience, and it is also fun to use. Its loading power is top notch and accessible on mobile phones too.

Oodle was founded in March 2018 and report to have about 49 k viewers every month.

It is listed on the category of the ad websites since it also started as an ad platform. It has been upgraded and added a section for personal ads since Craigslist was closed. Those who have used this platform for dating purposes state that it is similar to craigslist in terms of dating categories. It provides an opportunity for people to list their date preferences. Whether you want a casual dating partner, need a gay partner or even a serious relationship, this platform will enable you to connect with your better half. It allows the viewers to post their ads and view the ads from other people.

It is quick in loading and will enable one to scan various sites for a secure section of the preferred partner. It makes it easy for the members to find their dates as it can display the ads depending on locality. It is ideal for different ages and has good rating among other ad sites. Note that it has constant loading speed which is estimated to be between 0.6 to 1.0.

Launched in 2018, is categorized as Twitter for ts personals looking for sponsors. It provides a platform for ts personals and people looking for ts personals to meet and mingle. It is reported to have a total of 165 k views every month. It has hugely grown primarily after the banning and closure of FOSTA and SESTa. Now the ts personals can still find potential customers through Note that the site does not limit other date interests as well. There are chances for those who need casual dating, one-night stand, gays, and lesbians can still post their ads on the page.

It is ranked as a fun site for people who need to explore their sex life since it offers an opportunity for erotic adventures. The website is growing, and with the closure of Craigslist, the views have shot up to 1.5 million in a month. The site operates just like CL, and it is easy to access all the ads on your page also referred to as toots. It is easy to work with and is mobile friendly for a secure connection. is an all-around ad website. It is divided into various categories with some dedicated for sales, services and many others. It has also ventured to personal listing since March 2018. The website offers a platform for people to hook up with people of different sexual orientation. So, if you need a casual partner, you are a woman looking for a man and vice versa or you are gay, there are plenty of connections in this platform.

This is a global platform, and thus, whether you live in Asia or America, Locanto is accessible for dating purposes. The app is super easy to use and can be downloaded from the play store. It is crucial that you be careful when interacting with other members as some people have reported negative experience for using this platform.

This an adult premium dating app that you must include in your list. It has excellent features plus it is quite easy to access as well. There are a wide variety of choices on the app from all over the world, and the list of members who are signed on the page is endless. It is said to have replaced the which was also terminated due to the SESTa bill move.

This website is designed to make your searches easy since the ads are usually listed depending on localities. Therefore, if you need a casual partner near you, you can easily find them on the page. Note that ads are free to post but if you need premium features such as access to post plans, you will be required to pay 2 dollars per ad. But generally, this is quite a reliable site to sign up for hookups.

This is also a global dating website that offers an opportunity for different dating hooks up. There are thousands of people signed up on the page both straight and gay. It is a fun and thrilling site which allows people to experience their sex escapes with complete discretion. Some of the features which make the stand out are the ability to focus on, and it has high-speed functionality too. It has unlimited dating options, and this is another feature that has made a lot of people considers it. The website is accessible from any device including a smartphone. So, you can chat and flirt with other members while still on the move.


Although there are other personal listing apps and websites on the market too, the above discussed are the top seven best which are ranked next to craigslist. So, check them out to be able to choose a website site or app that suits your dating fantasies.